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Peluso 2247LE

Peluso 2247LE microphone

When it comes to great recording gear, this mic really shines. Make a major upgrade to warm and clear sound with rich lows, smooth mids and balanced highs. You will really hear the improvement in the tone and warmth of your audio. This amazing mic is the clone of the famous U47 and will give you that classic big & warm sound heard on so many records from yesterday and today. You know you love it.

$8.30 / day with 1 month rental only $249  

$9.92 / day with 2 week rental only $139  

$11.28 / day with 1 week rental only $79  

$49 single day rental

  • Rent recording gear for the best prices anywhere
  • Long term rentals designed just for you
  • No recording studio clock to watch 
  • Wherever you are, gear comes right to you in the mail
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Take Out Audio is a new way to rent high end recording gear, at the best rates in the world. 

How Does It Work?

1. Sign up.

2. Choose your rental on our members only site.

3. Wait for your gear to arrive in the mail.

4. Record your masterpiece.

4. Mail it back when you're done with the included return label. 

One Month Rentals: The cheapest way to enjoy quality audio gear. Use and enjoy the equipment every day for a month. If you can't get it done in a month, there's no hope for you.

Two Week Rentals: Perfect for big projects. Keep it for two weeks, get those songs down and send it back.

One Week Rentals: Great for recording a song or two. Or a whole album if you're that quick!  

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Take Out Audio is a new, membership-based way to rent great pro recording gear for the lowest rates. Gear comes in the mail and you send it back when you're done. Since it's hard to get anything done in a day, we automatically offer longer term rentals. We know we have the lowest one and two week pro recording audio rentals anywhere. Cheap recording, yes. 

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About Us

Home Recording is a great way to record if you can. Your terms, your space and no clock to watch. It's freeing to be able to experiment and get creative. Some of the best records ever made were tracked in homes and other unconventional spaces. I was earlier on the pro home recording trend- it always made more sense to rent a few pieces of real recording gear than book studio time. Now of course, DIY is the most popular way to record, whether you're learning recording or wanting to avoid studio costs which will run you at least $500/day. Over the course of a few songs, you're easily spending thousands of dollars. If you bought the gear, you'll easily be spending thousands more than that. Renting could save you 90%, and it's flexible and let's you use great pro gear on the cheap. It's the obvious choice! 

Not everyone can afford to shell out the money to purchase the best high end studio gear. But there's no reason to, when you can rent it as you need it. Even if you have your own small studio or rehearsal space, renting makes sense.  

I'm a hardcore recording guy. See those analog machines in my picture? That's pure love! I spent years getting great equipment that I could depend on to sound the best. Now you can save money by renting what you need, when you need it- from amazing mics to awesome instruments. 

-Steve Take Out Audio